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7 year warranty on Hotsy pumps

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We're proud to be a Hotsy Distributor, and we want you to know that "Nothing Cleans Like a Hotsy!

"9 Things You Must Know Before Buying a Pressure Washer" will give you some important tips on what to look for when considering a Pressure Washer for home, office or a new business that you are starting.

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Hot Water Pressure Washers

Exceptional quality, high reliability and advanced features make Hotsy the industry's first choice in hot-water pressure washers.

Model 1260SS

One look at Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washers tells you these are rugged, industrial-grade machines designed to give long life, high productivity and superior cleaning power.

As an industry leader and integrated manufacturer of pressure washers, Hotsy builds its own pumps, gun jets, valves and other key components critical to the long life and smooth operation of a Hotsy pressure washer.

After examining Hotsy's rugged designs and unique features, your customers will be convinced that a Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washer is the right machine for the job.

  • Upright Burner Design
  • Industry's Best Heat Exchanger
  • Easy Service Design, Accessible Components
  • Hotsy Designed & Specified Components


Hot-Wash Atlanta is a full servicing dealer for several manufactures.  This is important because this means that we sell the equipment, have parts and chemicals on location and we are the authorized repair center.  For the customer this means “quality with peace of mind”.    

Hot-Wash Atlanta has been selling and servicing industrial cleaning equipment for over 23 years.  The combination of the highest quality pressure washers and the industries leading chemicals has made our cleaning systems the #1 choice in today's industry.

Hot-Wash Atlanta offers an on site free demonstration for your convenience.  This allows you to “try before you buy.”  You can actually see, feel and use a machine to make sure it does the job and is the one for you.  Just call me to schedule your free demonstration today.






Hot-Wash Atlanta services most makes and models. 

These are some:

Aaladin, Alkota, All American Pressure Washers, Cascade Engineering, Inc., Cat Pumps, Comet Pump, Delco Cleaning Systems, Epps, Farleys, Inc., General Pump, Giant Pump, Hotsy, Hydro Engineering, Inc, Hydro Tek Systems, Landa, Mi-T-M Corporation, MTM Hydro, Nilfisk-Alto Cleaning Systems, Pressure-Pro, Inc., PSC Cleaning Systems, Rapid Reel, Sioux Corporation, Spraymart, Steam Jenny, Steel Eagle, Inc., Suttner America Corp., Water Maze Water Treatment, Whisper Wash.  

Our service rate is $ 75.00 per hour.

Surface Cleaners

Surface Cleaners
A surface cleaner attaches to a hot water pressure washer or cold water pressure washer and can be used on virtually any flat surface to dramatically reduce cleaning time. Surface cleaners are the ideal pressure washer accessory for driveways, parking lots, garage floors, tennis courts, decks, or just about any other flat surface.

Most surface cleaners resemble a floor sweeper or lawn mower, depending on the make and model. They allow the user to "mow" a straight path, rather than the sweeping back and forth motion typically used when cleaning with a pressure washer wand.

Hotsy Cyclone

For effortless work and visibly greater cleanliness, consider a surface cleaner like the Hotsy Cyclone...it saves time and eliminates user fatigue.