HHC500 Hawk Pump



Hotsy Part Number's: 5-1807, 8.904-914.0, 89049140 replaced by part # 8.715-271.0  HC500AR  New Part # 87507490

4.8 GPM, 3000 PSI, 1725 RPM, 22 mm Shaft 

NEW FOR 2015!!

Hotsy has changed the pump number you will now get Hotsy pump # HM4035R.3

4.8 GPM, 3500 PSI

11.5 HP, 1500 RPM, 24mm Shaft   

Hotsy has redesigned the pump!  When you order this pump you will get the upgraded pump HM4035R.3 with the NESTechnology. Part # 8.751-180.0 you will also receive H x 24 bushing Part # 87111210 and (2) 1/2" x 3/8" Bushing Reducers for FREE
* Designed and engineered exclusively for Hotsy pressure washers.
* Seven year limited warranty
* Forged brass manifold with an exclusive lifetime warranty.
* Large capacity, die-cast, anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcase with precision rod guides.
* Over-sized connecting rods for maximum life.
* Heavy-duty tapered roller bearing.
* Solid ceramic plungers with mirror finish and corrosion resistance.
* Stainless steel inlet and discharge valve assemblies.
* Forged valve caps with recessed O-rings
* Dacromet coated manifold bolts for extra corrosion resistance.
* Parker "U" Seals for long life performance.
The differences:  (1) Crankcase Oil Capacity 23.6 oz. (old was 23.3 oz)
                          (2) Inlet Port Thread 1/2" (old was 3/8")
                          (3) Shaft Diameter 24 mm (old was 22mm) 
           *** NOTE:  when you order this pump you will also receive a bushing H x 24
                                   (4) Hieight 5.7 in (old was 5.4 inches)


Pump Packing Kits for HC500, HC500R, HC500A, HC506R, HHC506R.1, HHC506, HHC506R.2:

OLD V STYLE  Packing kit only Part # 877654
NEW U STYLE Packing kit only Part # 87253620  (will only fit if you have new style brass)
OLD V STYLE Complete Packing Kit with Brass Part # 753014 (when ordering order 3 each to do 1 pump)
NEW U STYLE Complete Packing Kit with Brass Part # 87254070 (when ordering order 3 each to do 1 pump)
Check Valve Kit Part # 877648  (order 6 each to do one pump) 
Piston Kit or Ceramic Sleeve   Part # 877656  (one kit will do one piston order 3 to do 1 pump)
************Call for discounted PRICING!!!
Price: $750.00


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