Hot Water Pressure Washers

Exceptional quality, high reliability and advanced features make Hotsy the industry's first choice in hot-water pressure washers.

Model 1260SS

One look at Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washers tells you these are rugged, industrial-grade machines designed to give long life, high productivity and superior cleaning power.

As an industry leader and integrated manufacturer of pressure washers, Hotsy builds its own pumps, gun jets, valves and other key components critical to the long life and smooth operation of a Hotsy pressure washer.

After examining Hotsy's rugged designs and unique features, your customers will be convinced that a Hotsy Hot-Water Pressure Washer is the right machine for the job.

  • Upright Burner Design
  • Industry's Best Heat Exchanger
  • Easy Service Design, Accessible Components
  • Hotsy Designed & Specified Components
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