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Hot-Wash Atlanta services most makes and models.  Hot and Cold water Pressure Washers, Flat surface cleaners, Parts Washers and Recycling systems.  

These are some of the name brands that we service:

AAA Pump, Aaladin, Alkota, All American Pressure Washers, AR North America, BE Pressure Supply, Briggs & Straton, Cascade Engineering, Inc., Cat Pumps, Comet Pump, Delco Cleaning Systems, Epps, Farleys, Inc., FNA Group, General Pump, General Jetter, Giant Pump, Hawk Pumps, Honda Engine, Hotsy, Hydro Engineering, Inc, Hydro Tek Systems, Karcher, Landa, Mi-T-M Corporation, MTM Hydro, Nilfisk-Alto Cleaning Systems, NLB Corp, Pressure-Pro, Inc., PSC Cleaning Systems, PSI, Rapid Reel, Shark, Sioux Corporation, Spraymart, Steam Jenny, Steel Eagle, Inc., Suttner America Corp., Tuff, Water Maze Water Treatment, Whisper Wash, Whitco Cleaning Systems.  

Our service rate is $ 99.00 per hour.

Our service call is $ 108.00 with in 60 mile radius over 60 miles .90 cents a mile rountrip