1/4" MPT Nozzle

1/4" MPT Nozzle Tip 

1/4" male pipe thread meg nozzles, rated up to 4000 PSI, Hardened stainless steel nozzle insures consistent, accurate orifice size.

* Orifice recessed for protection

* 4000 PSI rated working pressure

* +2% flow tolerance @ 70 deg. F

* Hard edge pattern, light center requires overlap to cover center

Pick the degree you want.

0 is the bullet, it will take your pressure into one spot great for cleaning up gum off concrete,  15 degree is most popular and will clean most surfaces. 25 degree is a little widder and 40 degree is the largest fan and will clean a large area. 

See Nozzle chart on Nozzle Header Page to pick your size.

Sizing your nozzle to your machine is very important! 

Too large will not give you the performance that your machine is capable of. 

Too small will cause to much pressure and cause other components to fail prematurely.  

Don't see the size you need just call us!


Price: $6.30


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