HC165R Pump Hawk

Hotsy HC165R Pump
Hotsy "HC"Series Duplex Direct drive 2 plunger pump.  Right Hand  
Hotsy Part Number's:  8.904-915.0, 89049150, HC165R, HHC165R.1 
When looking at the front of the pump with the brass in front of you the shaft would be on the Right Hand. (Left Hand is most popular in this model Please see HC165 for Left Hand Pump) 
2.2 gpm, 1500 psi
2.3 HP, 1725 rpm
5/8" Hollow shaft
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The Hotsy Pump's rugged design features may benefits:
  • * Externally accessible check valves
  • * Two inlet discharge ports facilitate system installation
  • * Anodized aluminum crankcase with cooling fins for heat dissipation
  • * Polished ceramic plungers reduce seal water
  • * Polished ceramic plungers reduce seal water
  • * Oversized crankshaft and connecting rods
  • * Heavy-duty roller bearings or heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • * Internally-ported, self-lubricating seals
  • * Pumps available for pulley, direct or gear-reducer drive
  • * 7-year warranty on the oil-end of the pump, and a lifetime warranty on the manifold

 The Hotsy Pump - Engineered for durability and performance.  Provides 3 times longer seal life.

Hotsy Pump featuring NESTechnology
What is NESTechnology?  It stands for Nested Seal Technology, wehre the pump actually "nests" the seals of the pump's high-pressure packing assembly in place, suporting the side walls, and resulting in greatly increased seal life.
The unique technology of the nesting assembly includes new high and low-pressure U-shaped seals surrounded by thicker brass pressure rings.  This provides better wall support while withstanding higher water temperatures.  This results in Hotsy pumps haveing 3 times the seal life over similar pumps in the industry.
  • * Extended time between seal replacement, greatly reducing maintenance costs.
  • * Teflon broze rings support the U-Seal to prevent premature wear and loss of pressure.
  • * The low-pressure U-Seal has a unique double lip to provide for greater suction and less change of water leakage.
  • * Increased wall thickness of the brass pressure rings resist cracking and provide a solid foundation for the seals.
  • * The nesting assembly is stronger and holds up better to spikes in water pressure, which occur every time the gun is triggered.
  • * Existing HOtsy pumps can be upgraded to utilize NESTechnology's unique nesting assembly.  All parts are   interchangeable, and fit within the brass manifold.
  • * Seals are rated for temperatures up to 185 Deg. F 
 Seals are a wear item in a pump because of the intense pressure they are subjected to.  Hotsy's nested seal technology holds up better, and has improved the seal life by changing the geometry of the packing assembly and providing greater support to the seals.  The end result is a high performance pump with extended service life.
Kits for this Pump:
Check Valve Kit Part Number 877648
Ceramic Piston Part Number 877684
Packing Kit Part Number 877686 (Old Style): New Style Part Number 87500010 
Complete Packing Kit with Brass Part Number 877685 (Old Style): New Style Part Number 87254080 
Price: $625.00


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