HC800 Pump Hawk

Hotsy HC800 Pump
Hotsy "HX"Series Tri-plunger belt drive pump.
Hotsy Part Number's:  8.715-260.0, 5-1823, 87152600, HC800 replaced by Hotsy New Style Pump HX8043R.2 89205840 8.920-584.0
Original Pump Rating 8 gpm, 3000 psi
16.5 HP, 1725 rpm
New Style pump's rating 8 GPM, 4350 PSI, 23.8 H.P. 1740 RPM
25mm right shaft (Old Pump was 25mm Double Shaft) 
1/2" outlet ports (old 3/8")  
3/4" inlet ports (old 1/2")
--This pump has the same foot print as the old style HC800.  When you order from Hot-Wash Atlanta we include
2 each 3/4" M x 1/2" F Bushing Reducer (for the inlet) and 2 each 1/2" M x 3/8" F Bushing Reducer (for the outlet) 
*** old style pump pictured first new style pictured second
NEW FOR 2012 
Hotsy has redesigned the pump!  When you order this pump you will get the upgraded pump HX8043R.2 with the NESTechnology part # 89205840. 
* Designed and engineered exclusively for Hotsy pressure washers.
* Seven year limited warranty
* Forged brass manifold with an exclusive lifetime warranty.
* Large capacity, die-cast, anodized aluminum oil-bath crankcase with precision rod guides.
* Over-sized connecting rods for maximum life.
* Heavy-duty tapered roller bearing.
* Solid ceramic plungers with mirror finish and corrosion resistance.
* Stainless steel inlet and discharge valve assemblies.
* Forged valve caps with recessed O-rings
* Dacromet coated manifold bolts for extra corrosion resistance.
* Parker "U" Seals for long life performance.
                                        Click here to view Product Spec Sheets (.pdf format)
Price: $1,500.00


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  • HX8043R.2