HD3030 Pump Hawk

Hotsy HD3030 Pump, HD3030R.1 Has been changed to HBP3030R
Hotsy "HD"Series Tri-plunger solid shaft pumps for belt drive units .
Hotsy Part Number's:  8.904-730.0, 5-1209, 89047300 89237670 changed to part number 89292700
3.0 gpm, 3000 psi
6.2 HP, 1650 rpm
24mm right shaft  **older units had a 25mm shaft-no worries H x 24 bushing for pulley comes with this pump

Hotsy designed, Hotsy Engineered, Hotsy Manufactured! -

  • Externally accessible check valves
  • Two inlet and discharge ports facilitate system installation
  • Anodized aluminum crankcase for heat dissipation
  • Polished ceramic plungers reduce seal wear
  • Oversized crankshaft and connecting rods
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings or heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Internally-pported, self-lubricating seals

When you order this pump you will receive:

1 each   HD3030R.1 Hotsy Pump 3.0 GPM @ 3000 PSI 1650 RPM 24 mm Shaft

1 each 87111210 H x 24 mm Bushing (to convert pulley from pump's older 25mm shaft to pump's new 24 mm shaft)


                                         Click here to view Product Spec Sheets (.pdf format)



HD3030H  Repair Kits available.  HBP3030R - Has different Packing kits then below please call for help.

Seal Kit 98040760 Qty. 1 each to repair one pump

Complete Seal Kit 98040770 Qty. 3 each to repair one pump

Check Valve Kit 70-260028 Qty. 1 each to repair one pump

Plunger Oil Seal Kit 70-260826 Qty. 1 each to repair one pump

Ceramic Sleeve (piston/plunger) 753040 Qty. 3 each to repair one pump

Price: $425.00


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  • HB3030
  • HB3030 w/Bush
  • 89237670