Cat Pump 3DX29GS1 NOW 4PPX30GSI

Cat Pump Made Ready Slap Happy
Cat 3DX29GS1 with built in unloader and chemical injector
SLP3DX29GS1-057 has been discontinued.  In its place is a Cat 4PPX30GSI  Part # SLP4PPX30GSI-057
Gas Flange Horizontal Shaft Pump
New Specs:
2.7 GPM @ 3000 PSI
3400 rpm
3/4" Shaft
140 Deg. F Max
Old Specs:
2.9 gpm, 2700 psi  
3400 rpm                                   
3/4" Shaft                                  
140 Deg. F. Max                         
Fully plumbed & Ready to Use! 
Price: $395.00


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  • SLP4PPX30GS1-057