Roto Jet Nozzle 5000 PSI Turbo Tip

Roto Jet Nozzle 5000 PSI

0 deg. Impact, 25 degree pattern, no gears - no teeth - no bearings.  Exclusive design of the Rotojet 5800 eliminates start up impact and damage to internal nozzle.

High strength forged brass

Precision ceramic orifice and matching race

Durable rubber/ plastic cover

1/4" FNPT

** We would recommend a Turbo Nozzle Filter to be installed on the Turbo Nozzle to pro long the life of the nozzle.  


Price: $126.95
  • (details) ($17.95)
  • (details) ($1.65)


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  • HWN-T40RJ5
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