Big Guy Spray Bar Arm 2 Tip

Big Guy Spray Bar 2 Tip Nozzles/Tips are included on this bar.  The size that comes with it is 2.5 x 25 Deg. This would equal a size 5.0 tip/nozzle. It is best to match your machine up with your flat surface cleaner. To do this you would figure out your nozzle size for your machine.

See nozzle chart to size your machine then divide by 2 to come up with the nozzle that you would need for your flat surface cleaner.  


Machine is:     3.5 GPM @ 3000 PSI = Size 4 Nozzle       (see nozzle chart under parts - nozzles)

Take size 4 nozzle and divide by 2 would = nozzle size 2

Purchase two size 2 nozzles 1/4" MPT at either 15 deg. or 25 deg. to fit your flat surface cleaner if your machine took a size 4 nozzle.   


Call us if you would like help with this.





Price: $88.00


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