Rupture Disk Q02-0190-007 now RD-6500

Rupture Disk Q02-0190-007 changed to RD-6502
Rupture Disks OSECO   31882-1-1
         ** UPDATED!!  Part # Q02-0190-007 has been changed to RD-6502
      1/2" x 1/2"  M X M
     Used On:
Pressure Pro  
Rupture Disc Assy, 5500#  has been changed to 6286#

5500 PSI @ 250 F ** Has been changed to 6286 PSI @ 250 F deg.

** Prevents dangerous thermal expansion of water in the coil

** Ensures operator safety

Image result for RD-6500 rupture diskOld picture - New has no holes around the nut

Price: $55.20


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  • RD-6502
  • RD-6502