Hawk Oil 30 oz. 30W Non Detergent

Hawk Oil 30 oz. 30W. Non Detergent has been changed to Hotsy PUMP OIL 10W 40, QT. 

Hotsy Part Number: 315068, 9-8315068, 8.914-527.0, 89145270, New Part number 89234220, 8.923-422.0

Special Formula Lubricant

Formulated to exceed the factory specifications for Hotsy and other high pressure pumps.

40 wt. non-detergent, non-foaming  (Hotsy 30 wt. oil has been discontinued and replaced with 40 wt.) 

Contains De-oxidizer, Anti-wear and Rust Inhibitor Additives.

Change oil after first 50 hours of use.  Replace oil every 3 months/500 hours to maintain. 

1 US Quart/.946 Liter

Price: $10.50


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