1 gallon Enviroclean Degreaser/All purpose Cleaner

1 Gallon of Enviroclean Degreaser/All Purpose Cleaner

This is Hot-Wash Atlanta's number one chemical.  This chemical is an all purpose cleaner and is an excellent house wash.  This is good on cleaning vinyl siding, degreasing concrete floors, without the caustic to ruin any plants or grass, cleaning stucco, granit, and gutters.  For a stronger gutter cleaner we would recommend our Eagle Plus.        

Enviroclean is designed as a 6% butyl, non-caustic cold water degreaser.  It is commonly used in house washing, awning cleaning, concrete floor scrubbing and many other applications.  It will work exceptionally well as a pre-spray, through a pump-up sprayer, prior to steam cleaning, or hot water washing.  This product will remove carbon stain, bugs, grease and oil, when sprayed on the surface of a vehicle, before pressure washing.  For use in cold water pressure washers, apply to the surface at the rate of 50:1.  As a pre-spray, apply to the surface at the rate of 20:1, but can be used stronger or even straight, when soil load demands.  Contains Sodium Metasilcate.  USDA approved.      


Also available in 5 gallons and 55 Gallons.

Price: $13.95


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