HD3030 Pump Hawk

Hotsy HD3030 Pump, HD3030R.1
Hotsy "HD"Series Tri-plunger solid shaft pumps for belt drive units .
Hotsy Part Number's:  8.904-730.0, 5-1209, 89047300
3.0 gpm, 3000 psi
6.2 HP, 1650 rpm
24mm right shaft  **older units had a 25mm shaft-no worries H x 24 bushing for pulley comes with this pump

Hotsy designed, Hotsy Engineered, Hotsy Manufactured! -

  • Externally accessible check valves
  • Two inlet and discharge ports facilitate system installation
  • Anodized aluminum crankcase for heat dissipation
  • Polished ceramic plungers reduce seal wear
  • Oversized crankshaft and connecting rods
  • Heavy-duty roller bearings or heavy-duty tapered roller bearings
  • Internally-pported, self-lubricating seals

When you order this pump you will receive:

1 each   HD3030R.1 Hotsy Pump 3.0 GPM @ 3000 PSI 1650 RPM 24 mm Shaft

1 each 87111210 H x 24 mm Bushing (to convert pulley from pump's older 25mm shaft to pump's new 24 mm shaft)


                                         Click here to view Product Spec Sheets (.pdf format)



HD3030H  Repair Kits available.

Seal Kit 98040760 Qty. 1 each to repair one pump

Complete Seal Kit 98040770 Qty. 3 each to repair one pump

Check Valve Kit 70-260028 Qty. 1 each to repair one pump

Plunger Oil Seal Kit 70-260826 Qty. 1 each to repair one pump

Ceramic Sleeve (piston/plunger) 753040 Qty. 3 each to repair one pump

Price: $546.00


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